Printed Heavy Duty Laminated Bags

Our laminated bags are cost effective heavy duty laminated bag or packaging for soil, fertilizer, sugar, rice and other foods.  Our laminated film composition consists of PP, NYLON, MPET, PET. All of those will laminate with LDPE.  It can be in form of center flat seal bag or 3 side seal bag. We offer different sizes and colors to cater the varied demands of our customers for better strength and packing.  We can do full multi-colour printing up to 8 colors.

HDPE tiny bottom sealed bags

The HDPE tiny bags also known as 2 kilos bags in most Africa countries are made from 100% virgin resin. The bag can be in various sizes depends on customers’ requirements. The bag is strong and durable. It is a general purpose bag and very popular amongst the end-users.

Biodegradable & Compostable Bags

Biodegradable and compostable grocery bags and liners are an eco-friendly alternative to regular plastic grocery bags. The unique non-plastic blend material is designed to decompose over time but is just as durable as a traditional plastic bag, giving your customers both convenience and peace of mind. We offer compostable produce bags and shopping bags for grocery stores, super markets, restaurants, and farmers markets. We also can do custom bags for retailers and restaurants. The materials used are certified compostable by the biodegradable products institute, meet the US Standard ASTM D6400 and the European Standard EN 13432.

T-Shirt Bags

Our premium range of vest type carrier bags are available in HDPE, MDPE or LDPE and are manufactured using top grade resins for reliable strength and resilience. Highly popular for departmental store, retail and supermarket applications.

Our low cost vest type carrier bags are made from both recycled and virgin material. They offer economical bag solutions including lower costs plus good quality and strength.

Black Garbage Bags with easy dispensing pack

Our high quality black garbage bag are produced in star-sealed and pack in easy dispensing pack. The user can dispense one piece at a time without unfolding the whole pack. It’s easy, tidy and convenient. The garbage bag is made from heavy duty recycled material that have good tensile strength and high dart impact resistant. The common range are 72L, 82L, 120L and 240L.

Garbage Bags

We offer a full range of high density and medium density polyethylene garbage bags that provide effective garbage solutions while at the same time keeping the waste receptacle mess free. Ideal for lightweight waste containment in washrooms, kitchens, hotel rooms and food halls and heavyweight waste in construction, garden and public amenities.

Oxo-Biodegradable Bags

We can supply biodegradable bags for the greener environment. The biodegradable bags can be of any types included t-shirt bags, bin liner, garbage bags, bottom sealed bags and punch handle bags. With the environment conscious and awareness, many countries only allow the import of biodegradable bags. We can work with the importers to obtain the import permit by providing the necessary support documents and certificates.

Calendar Bags

Our punched handle bags can be of various sizes, with or without side gusset. We can do up to 4 colours print for these bags. These bags are general purpose for boutiques and retail outlets.

Produce Roll

Our high density and low density polyethylene produce bags are manufactured in a continuous roll form and are perforated to allow for easy and convenient dispensing,. It helps to keep fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables fresher to last longer by keeping freshness in and air out. These bags are popular at supermarkets and stores where customers have the convenience to hold self-service items such as fresh fruits, raw produce, candy as well as baked goods.